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Oct 2021

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #139

In this episode Neko and I return to our horror movie ranking tiers featuring movies from 2000-2010. Check out how we ranked those movies and why. Also, we discuss the tragedies involving Alec Baldwin and a prop gun as well as Emperor guitarist Samoth's ex-wife who was recently killed in Norway. 


We review our time on That Phat Samurai Guy's Vs episode and discuss the many talents of Erock, Joel from Media Glitch, and Derek from Flicks Snacks & Knick Knacks who give their insightful knowledge on the VS episodes. 


We dive into our review of "No Time to Die" and then Noobs gives his alltime rankings for all Eon James Bond films. And finally in our Retro Dvd Movie Vault i select "The Woman" from 2011 to which Neko has never seen. 


Special thanks to Grand Sounds Promotion, Against PR, Curtain Call Records, Angel PR, and Six String PR for selected tracks this week. 



Erock feat Anthony Vincent- Dont Fear the Reaper (Ghost Style)(Blue Oyster Cult Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Dream Theater- Awaken the Master 
Acis- Lawbreaker 
Infrared- Lockdown
Gus G- Judgement Day
Hex AD- Seven Blades 
Omnibeing- Omnibeing
Vildhjarta- Kaos2
Affliction- Methaphetamine 
Devastation- Souls of Sacrifice
Kaiser and the Machines of Creation- In the Mist
The Shape- Invisible Wolves 
Manfred Mann's Earth Band- Blinded by the Light 
Bob Seger- Night Moves 
Dokken- Dream Warriors 
Sundown- 19 
Introspectiva- Navigator
Dodsdrift- Laere
Raat- Yearning 
Aeon- Let it Burn
Hate- Saturnus
The Agonist- Resurrection
Ilean- Mexico 
O.Y.D.- Bring Them to Justice 
Hunted- For the Blind 

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