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Oct 2020

Hordes of Chaos-(feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #86

In episode 86 Neko and i discuss season 2 of "The Boys" on Amazon Prime. According to Judas Priest already have a long list of tracks ready for their followup to "Firepower". 


The hit series "Dexter" is set to return, what does everyone's favorite serial killer have in store for us after being on hiatus for a while? And following the success of "The Haunting of Hill House" the same creators now bring us "The Haunting of Bly Manor". Was this series equally as good or will it have some flaws? 


Special Thanks to Grand Sounds Promotion, Music Records, and Qabar PR for selected tracks this week. 


Celestial Season- Red Water (Type O Negative Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Yatra- Blissful Wizard
Superlynx- Cold Black Sea
Voyage in Solitude- In Between 
Analepsy- Witness of Extinction
Repuked- Shitfister
Cortege- Touching the Void 
Liquid Death- Get Slaughtered on Shark Tank
Radamanthys- Between the Shadows 
Hvrt- Zentrum
Crippled Black Phoenix- Everything i Say 
Led Zeppelin- Good Times, Bad Times 
Helix- Wish I Could Be There 
W.A.S.P.- On Your Knees 
Aerosmith- Walk This Way 
Drain STH- Enter My Mind 
Putrescence- Four Inches Deep
Blood of Angels- Monotheism 
Moskowa- Russia's Eyes 
Askog- Varg 
Inferi- The Abhorrent Art
Skaphe- The Shrill Cracks and Moan
Human Impurity- Haringgit Kalimusada
Strike Avenue- Dark Genesis
Goatpreacher- Necroworship About Grave


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