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Oct 2020

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #87

In this Halloween special Neko and I talk about the work of Rob Zombie both musically and cinema wise. Is Rob really unique or does he simply play off of nostalgia? In the documentary "Roll Red Roll" we discuss the case of the Ohio high school football team who raped a young girl and how both the defendants and the town treated it as no big deal. 


Also Unsolved Mysteries season 2 is out so does it hold up and match season 1? We discuss how we feel about the renewed series in general. 


Over the last 5-10 years i have grown to like and appreciate director Jean Rollins work even though it can be hit or miss. We dive into a review of sorts with the film "Night of the Hunted". Furthermore the movies star Brigitte Lahaie is spotlighted not just because of her success in both mainstream and adult movies but some of the criticism she took regarding rape and orgasms. 


Special thanks to Grand Sounds Promotion, Horror Pain, Inverse Records, Vlad, and Atomic Stuff. 



Abyssus- Death Metal (Possessed Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Ascendor- Feed Off Me
Hellripper- Spectres of the Blood Moon Sabbath
Oath of Cruelty- Denied Birth (Merciless Cover)
Greenwitch- Cellar Dwellar 
Conssumption- Infectus Exteriorisation 
Omnivortex- Barren 
Benediction- Embrace the Kill 
Pedophile Priests- The Path of Aisha
Gallu Xul- Metal Hordes
Bullring- Nothing Except Yourself 
Death Angel- Under Pressure (Bowie/Queen Cover)
Killing Joke- On All Hallows Eve 
Fastway- Trick or Treat 
White Zombie- Im Your Boogeyman (KC & the Sunshine Band Cover)
ARO- Shared Something With the Night 
Eternal Winter- The Curse of Baron Sengir 
MyGrain- The Calling
Swine of Dissent- With Serpent Tongue
Aphonic Threnody- The Fall 
Slow Fall- Under this Corroded Sky 
Cyrox- Frozen in Life 
Nightwolf- Unleash the Beast
The Troops of Doom- Whispering Dead Words
Wreck-Defy- Space Urchin

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