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Sep 2019

Hordes of Chaos (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #22

In this episode we announce the winner of the Hordes of Chaos trivia question as well as discuss our latest viewing of Pig Destroyer, No/Mas, and Outer Heaven live. 


We also dive into trailers for Jojo Rabbit and Little Monsters as well as touch on the possibility of a Judas Priest movie based on their career. 


And what is more fun than DJ Neko busting on the reboot of Ghost Hunters and the over sensitivity of ghost feelings. 


Warmen- Separate Ways (Journey Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Outer Heaven- Decaying Realms
No/Más- Police Brutality
Pig Destroyer- Dark Train
Sonata Arctica- Message from the Sun
Above The Earth- Paradise
Factory of Dreams- Melontronical
Mystifier Weighing Heart Ceremony
Aittala- Different Day
Essence of Datum- Binar
Monarch -band- Beyond the Blue Sky
The Black Wizards- Outlaws
The Kundalini Genie- Its All in Your Head
Guns N' Roses- Its So Easy
Foreigner- Juke Box Hero
Black River Sons- Charcoal Blues
Infant Annihilator- Plaguebearer
Fleshworks- Death by Autopsy
Noisem- Constricted Cognition
SUICIDAL ANGELS- The Sacred Dance with Chaos
Helhorse- Avalanche
5RAND- Old Angel Midnight
Wraith- Acid Mass
Condition Critical- Interminable Surgery
Piranha- Resistance to Change

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