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Aug 2019

Hordes of Chaos (feat DJ Anubis) Episode #18

In this episode i discuss the trailers for Satanic Panic & Zeroville starring James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Megan Fox. Also, Spiderman and Marvel get a divorce so what does that mean for the MCU?
Furthermore, things are heating up with Godzilla vs Kong and whether or not they may actually be fighting against humanity.
Get a little breakdown regarding the possibility of Mechagodzilla or MechaGhidorah making it on the screen.
Also, many thanks to Sky Neilsen Promotions for her excellent work and expertise working with MTRP.


Kreator- The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
NARNIA the BAND- I Will Follow
Heir Apparent- The Road to Palestine
ABRAHMA- Omens Pt 2
Black Passage- Tables Turn
DAYUM- Desert of Lost Souls
Ascend The Hollow- Swarms Within
Abnormality- A Chaos Reserved
Mason Official- Hellbent on Chaos
Slipknot- Nero Forte
My Diligence- Serpentine
The Resonance Project- Reflection
BUDGIE- Change Your Ways
Telesma- Amor Fati
Soundgarden- With My Good Eye Closed
WITCHERY- Witchkrieg
Despair- History of Hate
Nervosa- Vultures
Imperium Dekadenz- Only Fragments of Light
Blackwater Burial- Degraded Being
Destruction- Butchered for Life
Abysmal Dawn- Perfecting Slavery
Pathology- Dragged into the Cave
Exorcised Gods- Realm of Agony

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