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Sep 2021

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #132

In this episode Neko and I continue our journey ranking our favorite horror films in tiers this time through the 1980's. And like the 1970's i will be adding my personal edition with added movies into that particular list. 


In music news we discuss an article about Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick and his opinion via his podcast on bands that "supposedly" plagiarize other bands as he defends Led Zeppelin's case against the band Spirit. Also, Is Sean Killian of Vio-lence being selfish about his choosing not to take the Covid 19 vaccine? Neko and i discuss the pro's and con's to his decision not only with people around him but to himself and his own health. 


In the Netflix series "Untold" we talk about the episode "Malice at the Palace" going back to 2004 when members of the Indiana Pacers got into a brawl with fans in Detroit and the backlash that followed. Did the Pacer players get a raw deal back then? Hmm... 


And finally, in our Retro Dvd Movie Vault Neko selects 1988's "Working Girl" with Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford. Was it as bad as Noobs thought it would be or did i come out of it liking it? Check it out here. 


Special thanks to Against PR, Qabar PR, Grand Sounds Promotion, Music Records and Horror Pain for selected tracks this week. 



Coffins- Carnal Leftovers (Nihilist Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Besatt- Lilith
Necronautical- Hypnagogia
Firmament- Dance of the Broken 
Oxygen Destroyer- Enduring the Maternal Rage of the 
Amphibious Monstrosity
Poison Asp- My Private Nightmare 
Toxic Ruin- Defiler
Dominus- Into the Gods 
Sacrificial Slabs- Slime Punch 
Alchemy of Flesh- Pain Primordial 
Over Nemesis- All This Time 
The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony 
Savatage- Strange Reality 
David Bowie- Fame 
Badfinger- Day After Day 
Healthy Living- Until 
Wormwitch- The Wolves of Ossory 
Thyrfing- Fredlos
Evil Spell- Masonic Scum 
Mindless Sinner- Live and Die 
XCIII- Sway 
Killing- Straight Out of Kattegat
Sodom- Pestiferous Posse
Wreck-Defy- Working for the Weekend (Loverboy Cover)
Dark Age- Viper 

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