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May 2020

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #65

May 29, 2020

In Neko's return we talk about the documentary "Welcome to Deathfest" where we see familiar faces and relive past experiences during one of our favorite festivals to attend in Maryland. We also talk about Lit Erotica and where to find them with the tits and giggles podcast. And Neko gets controversial with her pick of the week but alas the Noobsman has her back. 


Bruce Dickenson loses his ex-wife recently but we also discover his appearance in the 80's movie "The Incubus" while with his former band Samson. Neko and i review the Shudder exclusive movie series called "Blood Machines" with its visually stunning visuals and 80's synthwave soundtrack. 


We talk about the legacies of NBA coach Jerry Sloan and what he meant to the NBA and the Utah Jazz during its most prominent years. And sadly we discuss the passing of Japanese wrestler Hana Kimura and what lead to her death including online harassment. 


Special thanks to Sky Nielsen Promotions and Crypt and Skully from Metal O Mania for their continued support of the Metal Tavern Radio Podcast. 


Voices of Ruin- Everlong (Foo Fighters Cover)
DJ Anubis
RANNOCH- The Dream
Feradur- Maelstrom
Mors Principium Est- Life in Black
FROM HELL- They Come at Night
Contamination- Traumatic Recollections
Snakepit- Consumed Within
Midnight Odyssey- Cold Winds are a Distant Dream Final
Armagedda (Official)- Likvaka
ENTHRONED- Lamp of Invisible Lights
Frust- Alone
Wizzo- Electric Lettuce
Black Mountain- Old Fangs
Twisted Sister- You Cant Stop Rock n Roll
Limp Bizkit- Stuck
Wolftooth- Firebreather
Centinex- Cauterized
Abramelin- Never Enough Snuff
Symbiotic- Dismal Gallery
Marduk- Between the Wolf-Packs
Aeon Winds- Under the Matle of Snow
Tsjuder- Antiliv
Metal Church- Method to Your Madness
Omega District- Atmospheric Blight
Binary Code- Away with Oneself