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Aug 2021

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #131

In this episode Neko and I embark on the first of 5 decades of horror movie rankings and tiers, all inspired by youtube personality Cult of Cinema's Aaron Pynn. Kick back with us as we break down our first rankings with the horror movies of the 1970's that both her and i have seen. 


I will have a second ranking with an extended ranking tier that i will post down below for those interested in that. Neko and I also discuss the Netflix Docuseries "The People vs OJ Simpson" with its strong cast and look back to the trial of the century. 


In other news another orca has passed away at SeaWorld and although the organization has started work to remove the whales from its shows and entertainment is it progressing fast enough? And finally in our Retro Dvd Movie Vault Neko and I revisit "The Raid: Redemption". 


Special thanks to Horror Pain, Grand Sounds Promotion, Six String PR, MDRP, Dr. Music, Curtain Call Records, Metal Message, and Against PR for selected tracks this week. 



Leprophiliac- Platonic Disease (Obituary Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Nocturnus- Lake of Fire 
Zora- Social Fakework
Moonloop- Beginning of the End 
Rivers Ablaze- Invocation of the Consuming Fire
Orbstruct- House of Pain 
Ebullism- Swollen with Ebullism 
Agony- Madness Reigns
Tysondog- Street Thunder
Golden Blood- Asmodean Rites
Cedars- Claymore 
Octohawk- Skyward 
Eastern High- Emperor 
Four Trips Ahead- Higher 
Better Than Ezra- Good 
Surrender Stella- Flawed Fatal 
Fearancy- Daemonium
Destinity- A Lucid Strain 
Seeds of Perdition- Dead Inside 
Evoking Winds- In the Woods, On Yellow Sand 
Lykhaeon- Scorching the Wings of Destiny
Black Anvil- As Was 
Divine Anger- Guru of Hate 
Sweeping Death- The World as Will 
Epigram- The Weakening

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