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Jun 2021

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #122

In this episode we review and discuss a couple of documentaries called "Overnight" and "Im Too Old For This Shit!". The first is about the bar man who wrote the script for the cult classic "The Boondock Saints" but how the same man lost everything while trying to become famous. 


The second doc talks about the band Siren who at one point in the 80's was poised to become the next big thing only to have internal strife and fall to the way side before having a resurgence 30 years later. 


Neko and I also dive into why some movie remakes work and why some dont. Check it out as we give our list of best 12 remakes and 12 worst remakes and break them down. 


And finally in our Retro Dvd Movie Vault i choose "Desperado" starring Antonia Banderas and the impact it had on me when seeing it in theaters as well as the superb cast in it. 


Special thanks to Vlad, Grand Sounds Promotion, Dead Center Productions, Horror Pain, Killsound Productions, Qabar PR, One Eyed Toad, Scarlet Records, and Xenokorp for selected tracks this week. 



Opeth- Would? (Alice in Chains Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Hypnosia- Circle of Flesh
Almost Dead- Cage Fighter 
Sadus- Certain Death
Machine Head- Rotten 
Fear Factory- Aggressive Continuum
Siren- Terrible Swift Sword
Catharsis- Village of Witches 
Brilliant Coldness- Technogenic Illusion 
Snogard- Aegidius: Chrysophylax 
Edge of Paradise- Digital Paradise
The Midnight Devils- Generation Durt 
Malice- Rockin With You 
Savatage- Beyond the Doors of the Dark 
David Bowie- Space Oddity 
The Chris Rolling Squad- Trapped Inside 
Godhead Machinery- Vulture Excarnation 
Vesicarum- My Inner Ghost 
Sun of the Suns- I Demiurge Pt 2 
Fracture- On the Attack
Necronomicon- Burning the Fury
Hellwitch- Nos Feratu
Warfare- Metal Anarchy
Vriess- Chapter II: The Curse 
Steel Bearing Hand- Lich Gate

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