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Apr 2021

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #112

In this episode we update a bit on some random entertainment news regarding Mortal Kombat, Batman, Fast & the Furious, and Warrior as well as give a update on the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. 


We catch up with our regular guest Edgar Allen Poet as we prepare for the upcoming NFL Draft and give our thoughts on who not only the Broncos will look at but some of the other teams who are looking to make an impact next season. Tune in as Poet breaks down whether or not these teams will benefit from their draft choices. 


And finally in our Retro Movie Vault review Neko and I revisit one of Noobs all time favorite movies "Brotherhood of the Wolf". Neko initially never really cared for the movie but has another run at it changed her mind? Hmmm... 


Special thanks to Horror Pain, Hardlife Promotion, Grand Sounds Promotion, Inverse Records, Vlad, Curtain Calls, MDRP, and Angel PR for selected tracks this week. 



Decapitated- Mandatory Suicide (Slayer Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Anthrax- All of Them Thieves 
Led to the Grave- Pray for Death 
Primal Creation- Please Disperse 
Eurkuh- Not at All  
Phallosopher- Black Light of Creation 
Belcimery- Rise in Flames 
Primal Fear- Vote of No Confidence 
Accuser- The Eliminator 
Saber- Midnight Rider 
Hellz Abyss- Deadones 
Black Whiskey- Wild & Free 
Wednesday 13- Cruel to You
Hot Sunday Blood- No Way Out 
Powerman 5000- Tonight the Stars Revolt 
Junius- March of the Samsara 
Fear Factory- Disruptor
Speed Command- Pesticide
Municipal Waste- Poison the Preacher
Noisem- Sensory Overload 
Brundarkh- Wraith Dominion 
Invultation- Breath of the Lich 
Dark the Suns- Hope in Our Hands 
Reaper- Come Nature, Come Cruelty, Come Death
Spellforger- Lord of Possession

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