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Mar 2021

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #108

In this episode Neko and I discuss March Madness 2021, 2 years after our Virginia Cavaliers won the national title and things got put on hold with Covid. 


We also discuss the possibility of a 3rd movie in the Ace Ventura franchise that could be coming. Will it continue with the same type of comedy as the first 2 or will it be a watered down "woke" type of movie. We debate whether its even a good idea at this stage. 


Netflix has a documentary on one of Neko's favorite actresses in Audrey Hepburn but we get more than we bargained for when discovering who she really was behind the camera. In our Retro Dvd Movie Vault Neko pulls out "The Departed" just in time for St. Patricks Day. Does the movie still hold up? You decide. 


And finally a new book coming out called "Nothing but a Good Time: The Uncensored History of the 80's Hard Rock Explosion" is getting released. But the real story is in one of the bands whom nobody expected. Lets just say they came with a yellow and black attack! 


Special thanks to Everlasting Spew, Qabar PR, Grand Sounds Promotion, MDRP, The Metallist PR, Hardlife Promotions, Against PR, Vlad, and Angels PR for selected tracks this week! 



Nuclear Vomit- Copkiller (Body Count Cover) 
DJ Anubis- Intro 
Gravecarver- Morbid Dominion
Mistweaver- Afterlife 
Fossilization- Blight Cathedral  
Saille- Empty Expanse or Baleful Beauty 
Haenesy- Sinking Deep for a Hidden God 
Carnivorous Forest- Carnivorous Forest
Death Chamber- Dead End Witness 
Becerus- Grotesque Parsifal Sucurandus 
Godless Throne- Scourge Master 
Stonus- Evil Woman 
Misstress- Lilith
Dead Soul Revival- Ignite 
Backdrive- I Cant Breathe 
Fleetwood Mac- You Can Go Your Own Way 
Wardogs- Patrick Bateman
Veritas- Starlight 
Witherfall- The Other Side of Fear
Secret Sphere- The End of an Ego
Phantom Druid- Electric Sky 
Void Commander- AGN 
Rituals of the Dead Hand- Inception 
Cthulhu- The Spilling of Life 
Naitaka- Conquer with Vengeance 
The Crown- Let the Hammering Begin


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