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Feb 2021

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #104

In this episode Neko and I discuss the newly released Mortal Kombat trailer and the promising look that it brings to the franchise. Have they finally gotten it right by going with an "R" rating? 


In other news radio show host Rush Limbaugh passes as we discuss his impact and influence on conservative talk over the years. And coming in the summer of 2021 Joe Bob Briggs will be having a 3 day weekend at a drive in in Pennsylvania for which Neko and I are excited to attend. 


In music news tensions rise between Chris Cornell's widow and the remaining members of Soundgarden due to guess what? Money. And in our dvd vault segment Neko and I revisit "Waynes World" and whether or not we feel the same about it. 


Special thanks to MDRP, Horror Pain, Hardlife Promotions, Grand Sounds Promotion, and Qabar PR for selected tracks this week. 




Mvltifission- Inherited Bowel Levitation, Reduced Without Any Effort (Demilich Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Plague Years- World in Blood (Fan Request)
Maze of Terror- From Beyond
Gaia Epicus- Gods of Metal 
Trivax- Into the Void
Anatomia- Mangled Flesh 
Creeping Death- Corroded from Within 
Beleriand- Black Knight of Autumn
Pestis Cultus- Black Mass 
Cancervo- Cancervo
Illusions of Grandeur- Down 
Transatlantic- Rainbow Sky 
Snowblind- Explosive Love 
MSG- Drilled to Kill
Blink 182- Stay Together for the Kids 
Fleetburner- The Course
Angelus Apatrida- Childhoods End
Rod1313- Witness
Giotopia- Spawn of Abaddon 
Valgrind- From the Viscera of Darkness
Mausoleum- Voices from Beyond 
Deception- Internal Breeding 
Black Hole Deity- Railgun Combat
Terrordome- Possessed by Blyat
Death Angel- Empty 

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