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Jan 2021

Sloshed & Moshed- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #2

In our return to the Sloshed & Moshed series Neko and I once again give our ratings and reviews on 3 beers and 3 wines while encompassing ourselves to some of the best folk/pagan/viking metal out there. Join us as we explore the world of alcohol whether good or bad.... 


Alestorm- Fucked with an Anchor
Storm Seeker- Maelstrom
Eluveitie- Rebirth

(Edelstoff Augustiner-Brau, Beer #1) 
*Anubis rating 2.5, Neko rating 3.0 

Kampfar- Fortapelse
Swashbuckle- At the Bottom of a Glass
Enslaved- Roots of the Mountain

(Botobox Redvolution, Wine #1) 
*Anubis rating 3.0, Neko rating 4.0

Equilibrium- Blut Im Auge
Turisas- Run Bhang, Eater Run! 
Rumahoy- Netflix and Yarr

(Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, Beer #2) 
*Anubis rating 3.5, Neko rating 3.5

Leaves Eyes- Riders on the Wind 
Solstafir- Hvit Saeng
Forefather- This Shield Wall
(Clos Centeilles Scintilha, Wine #2) 
*Anubis rating 1.0, Neko rating 3.0 

Amon Amarth- Twilight of the Thunder God
Korpiklaani- Ruumiinmultaa
Finntroll- Skovlarens Dod

(Bitburger Pilsner, Beer #3) 
*Anubis rating 4.0, Neko rating 4.0 

Falkenbach- Bluot Fuer Bluot 
Tengger Cavalry- Ride into Grave and Glory
Moonsorrow- Kylan Paassa

(Kung Fu Girl Riesling, Wine #3)
*Anubis rating 4.0, Neko rating 4.0

The Privateer- Gunpowder Magic 
Einherjer- Wyrd of the Dead
Ancient Rites- Legio V Alandae

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