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Dec 2020

The Best Rock and Metal Albums of 2020- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode 96

In this episode Neko and I discuss the best rock and metal albums that made the Noobsman's list this year and give you a tasty little morsel from each band. 


Deftones- Urantia
DJ Anubis- Intro
Lykantropi- Spell on Me
Slift- Altitude Lake
Astolat- Pathless 
Sonus Mortis- Metamorphosis
Yatra- All is Lost 
Night Fighter- Traitors Grave 
Black Curse- Seared Eyes
Invictus- Infernal Covenant
Of Feather and Bone- Baptized in Boiling Phlegm
Winterfylleth- A Hostile Fate (The Wayfarer Pt 4) 
Dawn of Ouroboros- Lunar Cathexis
Amiensus- Divinity
Inquisition- Majesty of the Expanding Tomb
0-nun- Towards the Infinite Dismay
Dorblack- Anquish I Feed 
Putrid Pile- Death Waits for No One
Mephistophelian- Omnipotent
Ingested- Follow the Deceiver
Atomic Werewolf- Meatier Shower
Shrapnel- Turn Off the Lights
Witches- Feared and Adored
Lucifuge- Conjuration of Destruction
Shellfire- The Crawling Chaos 
Assassin- The Swamp Thing
Stallion- Merchants of Fear
Vader- Bones

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