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Nov 2020

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #90

In Episode 90 Neko and I discuss what it means to be a metalhead. Is there one specific definition of what a metalhead should be? Is it about a group philosophy or dependent on the mentality of the individual? 


We do a review of the Shudder original movie "Lingering" and explain why its a well done movie even though its not necessarily breaking any new ground. In the documentary "All this Mayhem" we learn about the Pappas brothers in the world of skateboarding and whether or not Tas Pappas should be taken at his word about the bias against them or is it straight bitterness when it comes to the rise and fall of the brothers. 


And finally Johnny Depp created a franchise with his Jack Sparrow character but is it time for some new blood and a new direction. Find out what Disney is up to since Depp had to step away and whether or not fresh blood will reboot the franchise of "Pirates of the Caribbean". 



Sorcier Des Glaces- The Warlock (Necromantia Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Vreid- Helvete 
Eoront- Wormwood
Massemord- Wolfischer Totenmarsch
Fear Factory- Big God/Raped Souls 
Of Feather and Bone- Noctemnania
Loudblast- Preaching Spiritual Infirmity
The Vision Bleak- Into the Unknown
Pulsar- Ghost of the Old Belief
Swallow the Sun- Here on the Black Earth
Fates Warning- Scars 
Lucy in Blue- On Ground 
Twisted Sister- Ill Never Grow Up Now! 
AC/DC- Systems Down 
Korn- Yall Want a Single 
Pyramaze- Bird of Prey 
War Agenda- Human Race
Kreator- Bonebreaker
Entrenched- Interrogation Chamber
Death- Without Judgement
Skeletal Remains- Illusive Divinity 
Lascaille's Shroud- Winds from Another Planet
Revulsion- Pawns
Chainbreaker- Vile Hounds
Vader- And Satan Wept





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