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Sep 2020

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis) Episode #83

In this episode we find out that Obituary is going to be doing live stream concerts playing a couple of classic albums in full. Also special guest and MTRP regular Edgar Allen Poet joins me to talk some sports about the state of not only our Denver Broncos but the NFL as a whole.


I will give my breakdowns and reviews of season 2 of both Cobra Kai and The Boys. And i also review a new doc on Netflix about the Challenger tragedy from 1986 and how it affected me as a teen and those around me at the time. In the 4 episode special we learn just how shady even NASA could be and its legacy on America's space program. 


Special thanks to Atomic Stuff, Grand Sounds Promotion, Inverse Records and Music Records for selected tracks this week. 




Ekku- The Sleeping Beauty (Tiamat Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Heathen- Devour  
Demolizer- Lost in Torment
Pestilent Reign- You Will Kneel in Piss and Blood
Second to Sun- Leviathan
Fjosnisse- The Wanderer 
Wounds of Recollection- Sanctuary
Carnation- Spirit Excision
Obituary- Paralyzed with Fear
Ulcerate- There Are No Survivors
Speed Stroke- Soul Punx 
Ihsahn- Losing Altitude 
Night- Give Me to the Night 
Dokken- Seven Thunders 
Warrior Soul- We Cry Out 
Memoira- Carnival of Creation 
Finntroll- Att Doda Med En Sten
Twisted Mist- Equinoxe 
Woods of Ypres- Adora Vivos
The Privateer- Gunpowder Magic
Blind Guardian- The Throne
Judas Priest- Night Crawler
Hymn- Exit Through Fire
Frowning- Ad Finem
Neuromoral Dissonance- Filth

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