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Jul 2020

Thrash Zone- (feat DJ Anubis) Special Edition

In this special edition of the Thrash Zone i not only assault your ears with a grand list of thrash monsters but bring to you some news bits about the thrash genre itself. 


Links to the thrash topics,



Exodus- Brain Dead
DJ Anubis- Intro
Sepultura- Slaves of Pain
Overkill- Elimination
Annihilator- Alison Hell
Warbringer- Remain Violent
HAVOK- Circling the Drain
Sabbat- The Clerical Conspiracy
Condition Critical- Surgical Malpractice
Anacrusis- The Twisted Cross
Fusion Bomb- Zest of Scorn
Shrapnel- Red Terror
Atrophy- Product of the Past
Metallica- Fight Fire With Fire
Municipal Waste- Enjoy the Night
Testament- Trial by Fire
Forced Entry- Anaconda
Hatriot- World, Flesh & Devil
D.R.I- Beneath the Wheel
Stallion- Meltdown
Kreator- Toxic Trace
Onslaught official- Religiousuicide
Anthrax- Caught in a Mosh
Morbid Cross- Born to Suffer
DRAIN- White Coat Syndrome
Chemicaust- The Absurd Beautiful Lie
SADUS- Words of War
Paralysis- Nihilist
Megadeth- Set the World Afire
Razor official- Violent Restitution
Heathen- Goblin's Blade
Morbid Saint (Official)- Assassin
Coroner- Skeleton on Your Shoulder
Flotsam and Jetsam- Hard on You
Laaz Rockit Official Fan Page- Brainwash
Slayer- Skeletons of Society
Death Angel- Fallen
Nuclear Assault- Critical Mass
Power Trip- Crucifixation
Dark Angel Official- Merciless Death
Mantic Ritual- Next Attack
Vio-Lence Offical Page- Officer Nice
Forbidden- Step by Step
Prong- Unconditional


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