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Jun 2020

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #69

In this episode Neko and Noobs have a conversation with Edgar Allen Poet as we break down our top 5 horror movies of alltime. Will we all have the same movies or are we a very diverse group of horror fans? 


In the adult industry porn legend Ron Jeremy is arrested for sexual assault. Has the impact of being in the industry lead men who perform in it to be sexually violent? We also give our reviews of two movies, the ghost thriller "I Still See You" and hear what happens when boob jobs and burnt peckers meet with zombies in the Shudder exclusive "Yummy".


Special thanks to Grand Sounds Promotion for selected tracks this week and as always thanks to Crypt and Skully of Metal O Mania and Sky Neilsen Promotions for their continued support of the Metal Tavern Radio Podcast. 


Death Angel- Cold Gin (Kiss Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Usurper NL- Master in the Shadows
Ascend The Hollow- Swarms Within
"Strapping Young Lad"- Skeksis
Fornicus- Tempetuous Flames
Violent Scum- The Secret Cult of Darkness
Death Courier- Immune to Burial
Amorphia- Merciless Strike
Laaz Rockit Official Fan Page- Euroshima
Cro-Mags "JM"- No Ones Coming
Filter- So I Quit
One and a half dog- Fire in the Hole
Leftover Bullets- Free Speech for Sale
ACCEPT- Screaming for a Love Bite
Queen/David Bowie- Under Pressure
Barbara Black- Tiger Tamer
Evoker- Exhumation of the Damned
Violent Hammer- Riders of the Wasteland
Sanctifying Ritual- Stained with Rotten Blood
Nemesium- Annihilation Prophecy
Cadaver Disposal- The Ancient Order
Venom Prison- Matriphagy
Sable- Jade
Cancer - Australia- The Depths IV: Summit's Delusion
Living Gate- Heaven Ablaze

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