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May 2020

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis) Episode #64

In Episode #64 Fear Factory contemplates doing a tour playing "Soul of a New Machine" in its entirety but will the hangup of the pandemic and the battle within the group for its name put a stop to it? Why is it bands fight over name rights instead of just starting new projects? We discuss why from a audience viewpoint this can become tedious and petty. 


We also have news on the Vio-lence front in regards to the writing process the band has for their upcoming EP. In movie news there could be some sequels for Hot Fuzz and Mad Max. Can the sequels become reality post pandemic and how it might expand those universes. And are movie theaters done for in the modern age? Has the pandemic hurt them or has their success factor been waning long before hand? 


In the rock segment we dive a bit into the Downfall Networks review/commentary about Ratt and its legacy as a band and how the albums rank. Did Altantic Records screw up by not staying consistent with producers or was the band eventually going to fall apart due to infighting and addictions. 


Special thanks to Grand Sounds Promotion, Curtain Call Records, Vlad, and Horror Pain for selected tracks this week. And special thanks to Sky Nielsen Promotions and Metal O Mania for their continued support of the Metal Tavern Radio Podcast. 


Lament Cityscape & Theologian- Merciless (Godflesh Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Austrian Death Machine- Chill Out Dickwad
Rob Halford- Hearts of Darkness
SIG:AR:TYR- The Way (The Path Less Chosen)
Helgast- Shortcut to Insanity
Katalysk- Await Damnation
Somberspawn- Sic Semper Tyrannis
Wintaar - Winter Black Metal from Ural- Palemoon, Deadwinds
Ebony Sorrow- Fistfucking Conceived Reality
Volbeat- Die to Live
Silver Nightmares- D.D. Dick Dastardly
The Black Heart Death Cult- Sonic Dhoom
Billy Squier- In the Dark
RATT- Wanted Man
Torrefy- Blinding the Beholder
Assassin- Hell's Work is Done
RawFoil- Thick Slices (As My Mother's Like)
Kreator- Pleasure to Kill
IA- Promethia
Ereb Altor- A Fine Day to Die
Hatchets For Hands- Age of Deceit
Obituary- Infected
Martriden- Invisible Cities

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