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Apr 2020

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis) Episode #57

Anubis is solo again for a while but have plenty of great topics and music to bring forth to the masses. In this episode i discuss movie trailers for Villain, Capone, Haunting, and Blood Machines. Will these flicks end up going to direct to video because of the lockdown? Hmmm


Also, at age 81 actor Brian Dennehy of great movies like FX, First Blood, and Tommy Boy passes away so we take a look at his career within the film and tv industry. I also discuss art...well the art of body art and tattooing and where to go find them. Listen in as i talk a bit about its history and how friends of mine are involved with the wonderful world of individual identity. 


Special thanks to Grand Sounds and Atomic Stuff for selected tracks this week. Also big thanks to Sky Nielsen and Chris and Kelli Grant of Metal O Mania for their support of the Metal Tavern Radio Podcast. 


Abysmal Dawn- Flattening of Emotions (Death Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Unmerciful- Inexorable Decay
Gangrenectomy- Progressive Head Mashing
Pathological Sadism- Realms of the Abominable Putrefaction
The Ogre- Violent Poltergeist Manifestation
Curse- Impaled and Crucified
INFERI- Roots of Depravity
Bongtower- Apollo 11
Khemmis- Rainbow in the Dark (Dio Cover)
Aborted- Gloom and the Art of Tribulation
Arctic Sleep- The Staircase
Room Experience- Strangers in the Night
High Priestess- Casting the Circle
W.A.S.P. Nation (Official)- The Big Welcome/Inside the Electric Circus
SPELL- Imprisoned by Shadows
JUNIUS- Telepaths & Pyramids
Stellar Master Elite- Mask
Downcross- Lord of the Dark Sun Force
Oranssi Pazuzu- Taivaan Portti
Caustic Wound- Cemetery Planet
TRIAL BY COMBAT- Exsanguination
DRAIN- Hyper Vigilance
Gomorra- Children of the Land
Ulcerate- Visceral Ends
Cemetery Filth- Churning of the Shallows

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