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Jan 2020

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #43

In this episode Neko and i discuss the passing of Death/Cynic drummer Sean Reinert and his influence on progressive metal. We also give reviews for the Netflix documentary on Betty White and the Pattinson and Dafoe movie "The Lighthouse". 


Tune in as we discuss the Great Heavy Metal hoax by Jered Threatin and how it compares to other hard working artists and musicians. Does it get a pass or does it create damage to the scene and for those who put in all the hard work to achieve their success. 


And finally we discuss rumors around new movies Lethal Weapon 5 and a possible prequel to Pirates of the Caribbean starring Zac Efron and Emma Watson. And Texas born black metal band Absu call it a day as Proscriptor says enough is enough. 


Powerwolf- Shot in the Dark (Ozzy Osbourne Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Death- Cosmic Sea
Macabre Demise- Prelude to Kill
Wormhole- Ultrafrigid
Thermohaline- Thy Skull Shall Be Mine
Kalmankantaja- From the Night
Vvilderness- Wilderness
Annihilator- Psycho Ward
Overkill- Who Tends the Fire
Entrenched- Terrorize the Insurgency
Pyogenesis- I Cant Breath (Monologue)
Brimstone Coven- The Red Witch
Led Zeppelin- Kashmir
Van Halen- Running with the Devil
Survivor- Eye of the Tiger
Major Kong- One Step from the Void
Vesperian Sorrow- Relinquished
Kawir- Medea
Extirpation- Faith of the Parasite
Napalm Death- Logic Ravaged by Brute Force
Asphyx- The Feeder
Psychotomy- Evidence of Tyranny
Necrotombs- Slow Motion Crash
Witchbones- Whispering Martyr
INVERLOCH- Lucid Delirium

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