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Nov 2019

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis) Episode #33

On this episode i give a quick review of the beer release party for Zealot RIP and the Extinction of Brew. Also Godzilla vs Kong delayed, good news or bad? 2020 will have a documentary on the late Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon and Suicide Squad 2 and other upcoming DC films could get an R rating. 


I also discuss the issues with Terminator: Dark Fate and the controversy of not only the movie but with reboots in general and the comedy of finding out that Tom Hiddleston and his audition for Thor. Furthermore, in the rock segment i discuss the unique and talented Lookla from London, UK as well. 


Special thanks to Curtain Call Records and Grand Sounds Promotion for selected tracks in this episode. 



Laaz Rockit Official Fan Page- Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedy's Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Zealot RIP Beer Release Show with Loud Boyz and Neolithic- Worship the Serpent
NEOLITHIC- Entropy of Totality
Symbol of Orion- Venture
Persecutor- Old School Thrash Metal
Megadeth- Skull Beneath the Skin
Power Trip- Waiting Around to Die
BÖLZER- A Shepherd in Wolven Skin
Deivos- Bitter End
Naga- Thanatou
Looklaband- Out of Greed
We Lost The Sea- A Beautiful Collapse
The Black Heart Death Cult- Seven Gods
The Legendary Flower Punk- Azulejo
The Dead Daisies- Righteous Days
I Giardini di Chernobyl- Duel
Abigail Williams- Ever so Bold
The Deathtrip- Vintage Telepathy
DragonLord- Northlanders
Faerie Ring- The Ring
Hanging Garden- Into That Good Night
Moonskin- Final Journey
VINTERSEA- Fiery Tongue
Gospel Of The Witches- Womb of the World
Spoil Engine- Frostbite

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