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Jul 2019

Hordes of Chaos (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #13

This week DJ Neko and i talk about the late great Rutger Hauer as well as the future of Marvel and the MCU Universe including everything from the Blade reboot to the standalone movies including Loki. We also dive into Sharkfest on Nat Geo doing their best Shark Week impression. Hang with us as we discuss some of the worst/best metal videos and the comedy that ensues from them. Also need to give shout outs to Qabar Extreme Metal PR, Grand Sounds Promotion, and HPGD for selected new tracks from Sabotage, Hypersonic, and No/Mas.


Rotting Christ- The Four Horsemen (Aphrodites Child Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Sabotage- The Order of Genocide
Moonspell- In and Above Men
Dream Void- The Charlatans Lantern
Wandar- Fylgia
Mysticism Black- Return of the Bestial Flame
Ecliptic Vision- Cephalic Anomaly
YATRA- Black Moon
Paradise Lost- Joys of the Emptiness
Turilli / Lione Rhapsody- Multidimensional
Narrow Gate- Dove and Raven
Ola Englund- That Youtube Song
The Sweet- Action
Zebra (band)- Angels Calling
Nine Inch Nails- Wish
Elevators to the Grateful Sky- Addaura
Hypersonic- Path of Salvation
Into Eternity- Timeless Winter
Foray Between Ocean- World of Flesh and Teeth
No/Más- Rabia 
Ectoplasma- Disembodied Voice
Quest for Serenity- When the Waters Rise
Westering- We Buried Him Preciously
Skeletal Remains- Seismic Abyss

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